Monaco GP Tour 2025

Monaco GP Tour 2025

Monaco GP Tour 2025

From MAY 24TH to MAY 31ST
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Enjoy the monaco f1 race and ferrari factory in italy

Cannes 📍Monaco F1 📍 Maranello 📍Portofino 📍 Monaco
From MAY 24TH, 2024 to MAY 31ST, 2024

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Watch our Monaco GP Tour 2023

Enjoy this 6 minutes video of last year activities during our unforgettable tour.


Monaco F1 Race

Enjoy your seat in one of the most special spots during the Grand Prix. Get ready to live a unique experience!

Ferrari Factory

Welcome to Maranello! Visit the factory, have diner at the Enzo Ferrari and Michael Schumacher's restaurant.

Majestic barriere

Facing the Palais des Festivals et des Congrès, Hotel Majestic Cannes offers a breathtaking and enchanting view of the Mediterranean.

Download the 2025 Monaco GP Tour Brochure!

Tour Agenda

Day 1

Arrival & Opening Ceremony

We will pick you up at the airport and take you to the 5-star Hotel Majestic Barrière on La Croisette, situated right in front of Le Palais des Festivals.

Day 2

Monaco F1 Race

We will drive you to Monte-Carlo, Monaco to witness the iconic Formula 1 race, the "Grand Prix of Monaco.

This race is the ultimate dream of any Formula 1 driver, where they can showcase their skills and compete for the ultimate prize.

Day 3

Drive from France to Italy

In the morning, we will depart from the Majestic Barrière hotel and match you up with your chosen car.

Our PG team will then take you on a thrilling drive from Cannes, France to Maranello, Italy.

Day 4

Ferrari Factory & Museum

Explore the iconic Ferrari museum, where you can learn about the history of the Ferrari F1 Scuderia and Supercars.

Experience the thrill of being a racing driver with the Ferrari F1 simulator and the F1 Pit Stop exercise.

Day 5 (Morning)

Modena Track day

Welcome to the Autodromo di Modena, close to Maranello and the Ferrari Factory, where you will have a track day.

Experience the emotional charge of driving a GT racing or rally car on the circuit!

Day 5 (Afternoon)


Leaving Modena, we will embark on a beautiful "Italian drive" towards Portofino.

Upon arrival, you will be captivated by the charm of the pastel-colored fishing village, with its iconic harbor and scenic views.

Day 5 (Night)

Monaco - Hotel de Paris

Enjoy an extraordinary stay at the prestigious 5-star Hotel de Paris in Monaco, featuring exclusive accommodations just 30 seconds away from the iconic Casino de Monte-Carlo.

Day 6

San Remo - Monaco

After a peaceful breakfast at the Hotel de Paris, you will have the opportunity to stay visiting Monaco and resting, or going for a cruise to San Remo, Italy.

Discover the French and Italian Riviera roads, along the coast, offering breathtaking views.

Day 6 (Night)

Monaco - Closing Night

Back from San Remo cruise, you will rest again at the Hotel de Paris in Monaco, and get ready for our last night.

You will experiment an unforgettable diner at Le Café de Paris, just renewed, right in front of the Hotel de Paris.

You will have a pass for a adventurous night at Le Casino of Monte Carlo.


experience supersport

Starting from $35,800 / car (2 persons)

experience convertible

Starting from $27,100 / car (2 persons)

experience luxury

Starting from $29,500 / car (2 persons)

experience touring

Starting from $25,200 / car (2 persons)

Bring your own car

Starting from $15,990.00 (2 persons)

Download the 2025 Monaco GP Tour Brochure!

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