Paint Decontamination & Sealant

Paint Decontamination & Sealant

Regular price$250.00

Lasts up to 4-6 months.

1 hour

Tires & Wheel Faces Thoroughly Detailed Using Various Brushes, Foamed Up with A Special Soap to Loosen Up Contaminants, Hand Washed with A Microfiber Wash Mitt Using The 2 Bucket Method with Grit Guards®, Tar Spots Removed with A Dedicated Paint-Safe Solution, Paint Liberally Sprayed with Rust Spot Remover, Clay Bar Treatment Used to Remove Any Remaining Contaminants, Paint Dried Using A Plush & Dense Microfiber Towel, Excess Water Blow Dried – With Filtered Air – From Crevices, Mirrors, Side Markers, Etc.

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